Item # R5680, Dingo Auger Attachment 6″ – 30″


Toro Dingo Auger Drives and Augers are built for productivity and durability. In any drive head, there is a trade off between torque (power) and bit speed (revolutions per minute). Toro offers two heads, one for torque and one for speed. Toro’s High Torque Drive Head maximizes the torque or “power” of the auger. The High Torque head turns the auger bits at a slower speed and very high torque (power) level allowing the Dingo to auger up to 30″ holes while maintaining a constant spin speed. In contrast, the Universal Swivel Drive Head combines torque and speed to produce a faster head designed for smaller augers. The Universal Swivel Power Head turns the auger at a higher speed allowing the auger to penetrate the soil much faster. The Universal Head swivels in all directions, allowing the operator to auger plumb holes on hills, uneven surfaces or slopes.