Item #R3499, G190 Towable Generator 190 kva


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Doosan Portable Power’s G190 T4F is one of the most coolest and quietest generators in the market. The G190 utilizes a revolutionary enclosure that creates separate compartments for the powertrain and cooling system combined with the industry’s first mass production application of radial cooling fan technology, Doosan Portable Power now delivers the coolest and quietest mobile generators on the market without sacrificing performance or reliability – even at extreme temperatures. With 30-hours of on-board fuel, the G190 T4F is set up for the long-run.
The G190 is a dynamic machine that can go over any terrain and meet nearly every electrical requirement. Doosan Portable Power’s legacy rugged running gear and hardened enclosure stand up to harsh environments. With the ability for the generator to change from 50Hz to 60Hz, the G190 T4F is also a very versatile generator.